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To Be Fair July 29, 2017

Posted by Janjan in Daily Musings.
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I am on an Oracle Journey for a period of 52 days while I acquaint and befriend a new oracle deck I’ve purchased: The Wisdom of the Oracle. Today is my third day.

I draw card #38: To Be Fair.

The card speaks of balance. I am reminded of the Hermetic Law of Polarity, and how I, as an Awakened Being, must walk on the Middle Path. I must practice compassion, non-judgment, and equanimity, accepting all that is for all that it is and is not.

I’ve been striving to remain neutral and non-judgmental in these times, specifically with respect to politics. But some days are harder than others. Violations abound and incredulity becomes the norm. How does one speak out for what is right, and at the same time, practice peace and serenity?

And to be fair, the card could also remind us to see things at another’s point of view.