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To Be Fair July 29, 2017

Posted by Janjan in Daily Musings.
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I am on an Oracle Journey for a period of 52 days while I acquaint and befriend a new oracle deck I’ve purchased: The Wisdom of the Oracle. Today is my third day.

I draw card #38: To Be Fair.

The card speaks of balance. I am reminded of the Hermetic Law of Polarity, and how I, as an Awakened Being, must walk on the Middle Path. I must practice compassion, non-judgment, and equanimity, accepting all that is for all that it is and is not.

I’ve been striving to remain neutral and non-judgmental in these times, specifically with respect to politics. But some days are harder than others. Violations abound and incredulity becomes the norm. How does one speak out for what is right, and at the same time, practice peace and serenity?

And to be fair, the card could also remind us to see things at another’s point of view.


The Joy of the Present Moment July 28, 2017

Posted by Janjan in Daily Musings.
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I just want to share the beautiful words of my friend Maritess Holsapple, who brilliantly connected the joy of being at the moment with satisfaction and happiness for others, no matter where they are in the moment of life.  (Original text is by Maritess but translation to English and editing are mine)

Just an observation:  Why is it that most people are rarely happy for others?

If you’re single, they ask, “Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend already?”
If you’re in a relationship, they ask, “When are you getting married?”
If you’re married, they ask, “When are you having kids?”
When you have kids, they ask, “Add more so that he/she’ll have someone to play with”
When you have many kids or as you grow older, they ask, “Do you have any grandkids?”

If you notice, each stage has a reason to be happy and cherished, but people skip sharing in the joy of the present moment of another’s life, by quickly pointing out what the other person lacks, and hurrying the other person on to what they think should be the next stage.

Life is never a race. Rest assured, it passes by swiftly.

Pushing people off their happy moment is just pointless and shows an inner sadness in the one hurrying others on.

Shufflemancy July 27, 2017

Posted by Janjan in Daily Musings.
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Few people know that I’ve taken up divination as an interest. Divination is the means of securing information through non-rational means. My method uses tarot cards and Oracle decks to read situations, people, and thoughts which people hide from themselves.

While non-rational (in the sense that the means used to gather information is not directly causal or connected to the information sought), there is however some scientific basis for the method. Carl Jung, the pre-eminent psychologist who developed theories on personality, the states of consciousness and archetypes, posits that all of humanity is connected through a collective unconscious which is the source of our common symbols, mythologies and stories which is the language used to convey the wisdom that our race has collected over the ages.

Hence cards are merely one means for divining meaning. Interestingly, modern times have crafted a new technique called Shufflemancy.

Simply stated, shufflemancy is divination which employs electronic music players. You can use your iPod, your Zune player, even the WinAmp program on your desktop. What’s important is that these music players have an extensive collection of songs and a random play function.

The method works like this: Let’s presume you’re using your phone’s music player. Open your music app but don’t play any music yet. Still your mind and open your thoughts to answers from the Universe. Then ask a question.

In my case, I asked last night whether a close friend who is angry with me will ever speak to me again. Then I pressed the random play button on my iPhone music app.

Two songs came one after the other: “Careless Whisper” by George Michael – Life could never mend / the careless whisper of a good friend…

Then afterwards, “Boys Don’t Cry” by the Cure – I would get down on one knee and beg forgiveness plead with you / But I know it’s now too late, there’s nothing more that I can do..

And that’s really all too it. You just use your intuition to determine the Universe’s answer to your question. You don’t need any fancy tarot cards, or read tea leaves from the bottom of a cup.

All you need is an open mind and a discerning gut feeling. Try it and see if it works for you.

The Chronicles of Janjan July 26, 2017

Posted by Janjan in Daily Musings.
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I’m dusting off the cobwebs from this blog and committing to a more frequent and regular posting.  One of my best buds was telling me about how he was taking up writing to have a better sense of himself and his “branding” as a photographer.

I thought about that.  Mind you, I write frequently.  Not just in my work as a lawyer but personally, I keep various journals.  I used to have only one but now that my interests have diversified, I keep multiple notebooks to track down my thoughts on various topics.  There’s my personal journal, where I write about the things which happen to me, Jan Ralph Perez, as a person.  Here is where I transcribe things too personal to share to others, or where I process heavy thoughts that need thinking through.

And then there’s my dream journal.  I keep one by my side to write down the dreams which occur to me at night.  I’m what some call a dreamwalker.  My dreams are vivid and fraught with meaning.  Some times, they are also prophetic, or I am used as a vessel to deliver messages to certain people.  There are times where I suspect I have travelled in astral planes to visit other realms.

Then there are my journey notebooks.  These are notebooks which I use to write down my impressions on new Oracle decks that I am acquainting myself with.

Also, there are the various sketchbooks I have lying around with doodles, paintings and drawings from my travels here and there.  I am good at starting these, but lousy at completing them.

Then there are the notebooks I keep in my day-to-day bags, where I write down notes, checklists, and whatever catches my fancy.

There is a notebook for each mask I wear.  One for the inner voice within, another for the shaman-mystic, one for the artist, and another for the lawyer.  A compartmentalization divided by cardboard and paper.

Ah but if you could only read what stories they tell.