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I am the Magnificent


I am the Magnificent Atty. Perez, a lawyer working for a law firm based in Cebu City, Philippines.

It has been said that I am blessed with pornographic memory and a rapist wit, best served for lowering the collective IQ of the Philippine populace, in conjunction with Friendster bulletin board surveys and the Tagalog movie industry.


Mr. Magnificent, may malaking clamor sa mga fans ng site mo… marami na pong nagtatanong… ibig nilang malaman… bakit ba “Magnificent”? I mean, andami ng adjectives sa English language… ba’t hindi “The Handsome Atty. Perez” o di kaya “The Pretentious Atty. Perez” o “The Constipated Atty. Perez”? Bakit “Magnificent”?

O sige, I will tell you the story:

I have a long time friend named Roy Sevilla Ho, and I looked up to him because he was the coolest guy I knew. He collects comics, reads Shakespeare and gets laid every night of the week except Wednesdays (because Farscape is showing on AXN during Wednesday nights). Anyway, he and his bestfriends Chris Granert and Paolo Thelmo were members of this group that called themselves the Magnificent Bastards.

Now me and my bestfriend Ken, who also looks up to Roy, wanted to become Magnificent Bastards ourselves but Roy said that we were not up to their level of bastardry, so he said that Ken and I could be the Junior Bastards, as a consolation prize. He said that it will take many more bottles of beer before Ken and I could truly call ourselves Magnificent Bastards.

But I wanted to be Magnificent! So there, when I become a lawyer, I knew what I had to become, the Magnificent Atty. Perez!

And that’s my story.



1. leylander - July 4, 2007

nice. hehehe

2. jackryan68 - July 5, 2007

Sounds like Boris the Invincible – from the 007 movie Goldeneye.:)

3. estan - July 6, 2007

yati ba!

4. mousmous - July 6, 2007

geez! 🙂

5. leylander - July 13, 2007

“im invincible!” – boris.

i remember that. =)

6. `donya eutikya - July 20, 2007

hey magnificient bastard!haha

7. Fred - August 13, 2007

Mr. Magnificent, salamat sa pag-agi nimo sa akong blog. Roy Ho sounds familiar…I believe he also “studied” in UP-Cebu…same time that Mrs. Lucy Torres was there. Blog on…

8. northwolf - August 13, 2007

Hi Fred, salamat pud sa imong pag-bisita sa akong blaggs.

Hahaha… nakatawa ko sa imong term “studied”… yeah, that’s Roy alright. He did mention that Lucy was a school mate.

Would you happen to know Jasper Clavano or Jubal Gallaga?

9. marv - August 14, 2007

la lang… just leaving my crumbs here…

hey jan! <– he’s sucha cutey.

10. tinuod nga botbot - September 12, 2007

the most celebrated, hall of famer, magnificent lawyer you are…
i can see u clothed in majesty and light….. waaaaaaahehehehehehe

11. tinuod nga botbot - September 12, 2007

hey my favorite atty, jst wanna know that i’m on my way to stardom.. wanna fly with me? hehehehehe

12. dubai fan - September 12, 2007

hello mr. magnificient fabulous…. just wanna say to all people of the philippines that this magnificient fabulous is indeed the great person i ever known in this world of …. honor. i believe that he got all the honors in his school days… it shows naman. i will indeed meet him in cebu very very soon to give him a treat… before i hop into the next island of negros….cheers mate.///shaikhjakolofdubai

13. Janjan - September 12, 2007

Tinuod nga Botbot: Hoist! Shodi abas papa. Ma-uwaw ta. Mwehehehe.

Basig lain na pud nang tinuod nga botbot ha?

14. tinuod nga botbot - September 12, 2007

tinuod na nga tinuod atty oi.. dili na tinuod nga botbot hehehehehehehehehe

15. Blah Blah « Tinuod nga Botbot - September 28, 2007

[…] all the grammy awards hehehehe. I also want to thank the pretentious, bastard yet magnificent Atty. Perez for your hilarious masterpieces. You never failed to make me laugh with all those crazy legal cases […]

16. tinuod nga botbot - October 10, 2007

maayong hapon diha attorney.. hinaot nga nagka-igit-igit ka’g pas-an sa mga grasya nga imong nadawat karong adlawa og sa umaabot pa nga mga adlaw.. nagsusi lang gud kung naa kay bag-ong haon diha.. pero sa tan-aw nako, busy pa siguro ka…. sige attorney, magtahirig gani ang kaso, appeal dayon ha.. hehehehehe

17. northwolf - October 10, 2007

Hehehe… kumusta bai Ramses!

Tinuod jud, busy kaayo ko… kulata kaayog pagpangandam sa akong pagpangabogasya.

Hinaot nga ikaw pud anaa sa maayong panglawas.

18. bibomedia - March 4, 2008


19. batang buotan - April 4, 2008

Ah, magnificent works of Magnificent Atty. Perez!

20. myatimyat - June 3, 2008

atay kusuga kau nimog apil bai! hehehehehe
lingaw kau imong blag Magnificent Atty. Perez.
More power!

21. marian jane alumbro - June 17, 2008

hey just recently disccovered your blog site and i think it is hilarious.. heheh it is a relief for an aspiring lawyer like me to know someone actually has not lost his sense of humor whie becoming a lawyer. it worried me that soon by my third year i would be boring and ugly (with all the eyebagsl) rest assured i wouldd be dropping by more often to check out new and old posts.hehehe loved your pissing game article. it enlightened me a lot with the argument of the two kids 😀 hehehe add me up sa friendster obetyan777@yahoo.com

22. Arnold Carl - July 18, 2008

bai, I have a new address, http://www.cebuheritage.com

Thanks. Ciao

23. northwolf - July 18, 2008

Got it bai! Thanks

24. Michael Rogus - January 18, 2010

Well, would you have a good law firm or lawyer to recommend for Cebu and Dipolog. I’m a US company headed over that way in Feb to start up a manufacturing facility. Turns out China is not the end all be all of the world after all – who knew? I’ll be staying in Cebu Feb 18-24 – then Dipolog for a few days. And no 6 hour boar ride for me – sorry – I’m flying.

25. Irene Mills - December 6, 2012

Mr. Magnificent indeed 🙂 Happy Holidays
Greetings from the midwest USA

26. Regina George - October 8, 2014

hi sir, im from mandaue. im contemplating on taking up law. im a cpa, currently working as an accountant sa government. tried out private companies during my first two jobs and im so dissatisfied with this career. im more of the happy go lucky, talkative, assertive kind of person. you think id fit in as a lawyer?

Janjan - August 4, 2015

Hello, sorry for the very late reply. I think you should go for it 🙂 Just give it one sem, and see if you like the course

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