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The Vibe and Feel of the Corner July 31, 2017

Posted by Janjan in Uncategorized.

I was walking past a coffeeshop near my house today, en route to Bo’s Coffee in Baseline. I was sad to see that it was closing down and transferring elsewhere.

I thought about why I rarely had coffee there. The shop was much closer to my house. Their grounds were okay and their prices much cheaper to Bo’s. I had better chances of getting a good seat there as it was less crowded.

But I still prefer the Bo’s at Baseline. It appeared I wasn’t the only one. Despite the other coffeeshop being highly visible at a busy intersection, Bo’s received more patronage.

Why is that? Business-wise, it made no sense.

It’s been said that the other coffeeshop’s location is jinxed, however. Businesses that open there rarely thrive for long.

The feng shui is supposedly good and yet the place doesn’t get a lot of customers.

I theorize that it’s “vibe” has something to do with it. There’s a heavy feel to the shop. One doesn’t feel like staying there for long because it doesn’t feel welcoming. The lights were too dim, even during the day.

One would theorize that something resides which draws away the positivity in the area.

Well at least that is my suspicion.



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