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The Joy of the Present Moment July 28, 2017

Posted by Janjan in Daily Musings.

I just want to share the beautiful words of my friend Maritess Holsapple, who brilliantly connected the joy of being at the moment with satisfaction and happiness for others, no matter where they are in the moment of life.  (Original text is by Maritess but translation to English and editing are mine)

Just an observation:  Why is it that most people are rarely happy for others?

If you’re single, they ask, “Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend already?”
If you’re in a relationship, they ask, “When are you getting married?”
If you’re married, they ask, “When are you having kids?”
When you have kids, they ask, “Add more so that he/she’ll have someone to play with”
When you have many kids or as you grow older, they ask, “Do you have any grandkids?”

If you notice, each stage has a reason to be happy and cherished, but people skip sharing in the joy of the present moment of another’s life, by quickly pointing out what the other person lacks, and hurrying the other person on to what they think should be the next stage.

Life is never a race. Rest assured, it passes by swiftly.

Pushing people off their happy moment is just pointless and shows an inner sadness in the one hurrying others on.



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