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The Chronicles of Janjan July 26, 2017

Posted by Janjan in Daily Musings.

I’m dusting off the cobwebs from this blog and committing to a more frequent and regular posting.  One of my best buds was telling me about how he was taking up writing to have a better sense of himself and his “branding” as a photographer.

I thought about that.  Mind you, I write frequently.  Not just in my work as a lawyer but personally, I keep various journals.  I used to have only one but now that my interests have diversified, I keep multiple notebooks to track down my thoughts on various topics.  There’s my personal journal, where I write about the things which happen to me, Jan Ralph Perez, as a person.  Here is where I transcribe things too personal to share to others, or where I process heavy thoughts that need thinking through.

And then there’s my dream journal.  I keep one by my side to write down the dreams which occur to me at night.  I’m what some call a dreamwalker.  My dreams are vivid and fraught with meaning.  Some times, they are also prophetic, or I am used as a vessel to deliver messages to certain people.  There are times where I suspect I have travelled in astral planes to visit other realms.

Then there are my journey notebooks.  These are notebooks which I use to write down my impressions on new Oracle decks that I am acquainting myself with.

Also, there are the various sketchbooks I have lying around with doodles, paintings and drawings from my travels here and there.  I am good at starting these, but lousy at completing them.

Then there are the notebooks I keep in my day-to-day bags, where I write down notes, checklists, and whatever catches my fancy.

There is a notebook for each mask I wear.  One for the inner voice within, another for the shaman-mystic, one for the artist, and another for the lawyer.  A compartmentalization divided by cardboard and paper.

Ah but if you could only read what stories they tell.



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