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Glee on Demand July 2, 2015

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Last June 24, 2015, one of my friends posted a picture of her standing with Heather Morris, who played Britney Pierce in Glee.  Not many people know this but Glee was one of my secret pleasures in the past couple of years.  The story got wonky at some points but I related well to seeing underdog teenagers transition into successful adults, all with the aid of music and each other.

Britney was one of my favorites.  She started out as a ditzy blonde cheerleader who was known for being loose and easy, but grew up to be a math genius who was faithful to the love of her life, Santana.  While not among the best singers of the New Directions, Britney was, nevertheless, the show’s best female dancer.  Her fancy footwork made their song and dance numbers pretty phenomenal.

I looked at my friend’s picture again and realized that Heather Morris was in the Philippines.  It turned out that she was for a PLDT event called “Entertainment Everywhere”, which launched a new service developed by PLDT HOME together with Smart and iFLIX, which provides content streaming of the Philippines’ largest library of movies and TV shows.  I thought this was cool because the Philippines doesn’t have its own streaming service, unlike the US and other countries.  Subscribers to this service can watch TV shows like Glee, Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who wherever they want, whenever they want, without waiting for specific times or be bothered by TV ads.  The service also includes an impressive lineup of movies like Batman Begins or Green Lantern.

This would be pretty handy for me, if I was stuck on a boat headed to another province for my hearings (which I most often am).  All I need is a PLDT or Smart internet connection (which I both have).

If you’re interested, you can head over to www.iflix.com and enjoy a complimentary 14-day trial of the service.  Once that expires, you can subscribe it through a P99 monthly fee through PLDT and Smart.  Or, you can download it through Google Play or the Apple App Store.

All I know is that I want to see more of Britney and her dancing.  Hmmmm.  Now where’s my credit card…