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Spider-man Too May 15, 2014

Posted by Janjan in Geekery & Nerdoms.


I finally got to see the movie Spider-man 2 last night and got my heart broken all over again, like it did when I read about the death of Gwen Stacy back when I was a teenager. I liked the movie. It was good enough but there were parts that dragged. Andrew Garfield and Emma Thompson are really good actors, and listening to them banter was like watching a Woody Allen movie where everyone had really smart lines to say. It makes me wonder sometimes. Nobody talks like that in real life, do they?

In a way, the Andrew Garfield version of Peter Parker is a social commentary of how far nerds and geeks have come. Acting non-withstanding, I think the Toby Maguire version of Peter Parker was more true to the comics in the sense that Peter Parker was a social outcast. The jocks bullied him and the popular girls mocked him. The comic book Peter was as pariah as it gets.

toby vs andrew

The Andrew Garfield version of Peter, however… he’s the hipster nerd of the Millenial generation. He was picked on by bullies in the movie more because he was a miscreant. He was too cool to fit in, and the popular kids secretly wanted to be him, with his rebel-without-a-cause attitude and his neat skateboard tricks. The comic book Peter Parker was true to my experience. He could never be considered cool. He was the nerd’s nerd, complete with pocket protectors and Poindexter scientific mumbo-jumbo.

I guess this is a statement as to how far nerds have risen above the social strata of this generation, far higher than we nerds from Generation X. And honestly, I think the Millenial nerds should be thankful to us, and to all the nerds of generations past, for winning the fight for social acceptance and respect. Along the way, we somehow figured out the formula to make nerdery cool. Somehow, along the way, nerds became part of the hipster movement and at this point, I realize, I was a nerd *sunglasses* before it was cool.

For that, my people profoundly apologizes to the rest of the world. *smile*



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