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Luke Skywalking May 4, 2014

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Today, May 4, is international Star Wars Day.  (Simply because this is the only day of the year that Star Wars geeks can greet “May the Fourth be with you!”.  Witty, yes?)



I am not a die-hard Star Wars geek.  I say that out of relativity because one of my cousins is a Sithlord / Stormtrooper cosplayer who got married wearing a Jedi robe.  (To date, the only Jedi-themed Catholic wedding ever allowed in existence).  I do own the West End Games version of the Star Wars RPG and I did see Star Wars Episode 1 three times at the theater.  And yes, I can tell the difference between a Gunggan and an Ewok, an X-Wing from an A-Wing, an AT-AT Walker from an Imperial Interdictor, and I know that traditionally, there can only be two Sith Lords in existence:  One to wield the Dark Side of the Force and the other to crave it.


Unlike most Star Wars fans, I don’t think highly of George Lucas.  Oh wait, let me correct that.  The George Lucas of the 1970’s and the 1980’s who created American Graffiti and the Star Wars Trilogy was a genius.  The George Lucas who came after, who tweaked, re-tweaked the digital editions of Star Wars and did a horribly-written “turning” of Anakin Skywalker… that guy is a piece of work.  But to be fair, he does have his moments.  The reason why I watched Episode 1 over and over and over was because I couldn’t get enough of the brilliant fight choreography between Qui-gon Jinn, Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul.

I do have a sentimental attachment to the Star Wars franchise, however.  I remember being three years old, wearing a white sando and tightey whitey briefs, and having my older cousins, the Gonzales brothers glued to the TV set watching on our Betamax, the intergalactic spaceship battle scenes.  I remember turning my mother’s bench to her vanity table over, facing the TV, and pretending it was me hurtling my X-wing across space and firing plasma cannons at the enemy Imperial fightercraft.  I remember seeing Luke hugging an overhanging part of a spaceship, his face badly bruised, with Darth Vader looming over him, saying “Luke, I am your father.”  Luke screamed “Noooooooooo!” then leaped off the ship.

I was too young to understand the script then (but I did get a gist of the overall story) and I never got to see the whole Trilogy again except when I was already in college.

I did get to see the adventures of R2D2 and C3PO in all its animated glory back in the 80’s.  And who could ever forget the spin-off Ewoks movies with Wickett and that ogre, and all the little furry Ewoks swinging through vines, Tarzan style, screaming “DANGGAR EWOKS!! DANGGAR!!”

(A little bit of trivia:  There was a creature there that ran fast and spoke even faster.  If you slow his speech track down, you’ll discover that he’s speaking in my native tongue, Cebuano.  One of Industrial Light & Magic lead animatronic engineers is a guy from Don Bosco Technical School here in Cebu.)

Let’s not even talk about my high school years, where I read Star Wars novels and discovered a villain that I wish the movies would include (Admiral Thrawn).

I’m not a big fan of George Lucas, but to his credit, he did leave behind a legacy which so many people have tied up fond memories of.  For that, I am grateful.

So from this geek from the islands, I wish you one and all a Happy Star Wars Day, and May the Fourth be with you!




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