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Science, Progress and Restlessness December 1, 2007

Posted by Janjan in All, I, Lawyer, Seriously now….

In basic general science, we’ve learned that a body at rest does not launch into motion unless propelled by a force of energy sufficient to overcome the pull of gravity upon its stationary mass.In my case, I am a body at rest and in lieu of gravity, the forces which have frozen me into inaction (and sometimes stupification), are the mind-numbing paralyses of stagnation and ennui.

The fact is that I just don’t want to move.

I just want to crawl under a rock like a dung beetle and bide my time away while I make sense of my bearings and understand where True North lies for this mangy, flea-bitten wolf.

Unfortunately, Time won’t stand still with me. It moves in tides and ebbs with the threat of prescriptive periods, deadlines, and deliverables. While I remain as a practitioner of law, I cannot afford the steep price of killing time to get to know myself better.

My responsibilities to the law firm and its clients is paramount over my own selfish self-interest. These are without mention of my heavier duties to my family, as one of its breadwinners.

I am an object in motion whose critical mass of stagnation and discontent demands that I shut down and store potential energy. Unfortunately, the strong winds of duty, necessity and survival prod me along unwillingly towards a stumbling vector of resistant movement.

In truth, I do not wish to be made to move against my will. I want to act of my own volition, towards the first quadrant of the vector, where the passion of my spirit increases in proportion to the distance covered by my movement. Rather than be made to move against its intent, this object that desires to be at rest wishes to find the energy within itself to move and run by bounds and leaps.

And what is this inner energy that I seek? Some men have named it as Inspiration, Passion and Purpose.

But of those, I have none.


And with this, I apologize to my regular readers (if I have any left) from my long absence and erratic pause-gaps in blogging. I just don’t have it in me to summon the arrogance and project the sublime bastardry of the Magnificent Atty. Perez. Right now, I’m just Janjan, a tired and overworked new lawyer.



1. cyril - December 3, 2007

Bro, unfortunately, these are the things you pay for world domination…as what our friend Micheal Jackson said, ”I just simply wanted to play with these cute little things called kids but these paparazzis just kept on taking those pictures everytime I kiss the boys!”.

And we better get used to this now, I’m quite excited with our upcoming project already….keeping my fingers crossed though….

2. lawstude - December 5, 2007

i feel u panyero. prescriptive periods, deadlines, and deliverables. our main difference (i guess) however is you are too dedicated.

by the way, my middle name is perez and i got here via my former professor la vida lawyer.

have a nice day.

3. marvin aceron - December 14, 2007

Magnificent Atty. Perez,

Let’s pretend I’m the senior partner in your law office.

What the f**k are you thinking? Go back to the day that you decided you want to to be a lawyer. Remember how you felt. Play out those scenes in your mind. Who were you talking to? Remember the people around you then. What were you saying? What were you thinking? Go back to those days, idiot, for there you will find the passion and inspiration that you seem to have lost.

End of “let’s pretend”

Grab a beer. Although on days like that I prefer cognac.

4. northwolf - December 14, 2007

Hahaha! Thanks Panyero! Sometimes, all we need is a good swift kick to the head. ^_^

Beer is good. I’m preferential to Thailand’s Singha. But cognac is really better. (You sound so much like my two favorite lawyers… Denny Crane and Alan Shore of Boston Legal)

5. Punzi - December 17, 2007

Hang in there and tough it out.

Just wait until you get into cases with moral dilemmas…

6. northwolf - December 19, 2007

Thank you Panyero. : )

And yes, I have been in cases with moral dilemmas…

7. tinuod nga botbot - December 27, 2007

unsa man ni nga hangin nga nilahi man.. nilahi man ang tema aning gula-a lagi atorni? mura man og naay niayag sa nagpaka-aron-ingnong gahi apan malumo mong dughan hehehehe.. fero in fairness, natouch sad ko sa last faragraf.. hapit gud ko kaluha og igit..

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