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Magnificent in Moalboal September 30, 2007

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Compared to Manila lawyers, Cebuano lawyers make a fraction of the amount that lawyers based in our nation’s capital earn.


You can’t beat the perks of practicing in Cebu, such as being thrown off to hearings in far-flung rural areas, especially if it’s a seaside one. Yes folks, I’m talking about the opportunity of getting to sleep with bit–, errr, I mean, getting to sleep at beaches.

Today is September 28, 2007, and yours truly, the Magnificent Atty. Perez, is having a quiet Friday morning by the poolside of Marcosas Cottage, owned by the gracious Spouses Herzenstiel, Michael and Marcosa, who are both clients of the firm that I represent. Normally, I try to avoid talking about my clients to respect their privacy, but considering that I am *cough cough* a minor Internet celebrity and in the interests of promoting the tourism industry of my beloved Cebu, I am humbly lending the gravity of my esteemed munificence (somewhere in the world, one of my bestfriends is gagging) in order to bring to fore the beauty of Moalboal and the warmth of Marcosas Cottages. Of course, this is written with the blessings and permission of Herr Michael.

For the record, I am not a Boracay type of tourist. The weight of my Magnificence is such that it must be used responsibly and not flaunted so openly in public, as the very sight of my very superstardom is known to cause sudden heart palpitations, the inexplicable urge to worship the ground that I walk on, and the acute need to burst into the dancing and singing of musical scores of love and adoration. (If I only had a dollar every time someone serenaded me with “In my life, he has burst like the music of angels, the light of the sun….”, I would probably already have… hmm… ten centavos.) Hence being the selfless and humble soul that I am, (I hear the Pope is still mulling over my application for living sainthood), I have instead made it a point to have my vacations over at out-of-the-way areas that nobody has ever heard about, much less frequent. I guess I just prefer having my peace and quiet.

At any rate, I have already spent 2 paragraphs on self-aggrandizement and senseless exposition, so I better go ahead to promoting my clients’ resort while my bispren DK has not yet thrown a rock at my direction.

Marcosas Cottages is a charming little out-of-the-way resort villa located in the town of Moalboal, located at the southern part of Cebu. It’s a true mom-and-pop operation run and operated by the smiling and friendly staff employed by Michael and Marcosas Herzenstiel. I guess this is what my friend Tina would call a “boutique resort”, or a “bed-and-breakfast,” or simply, something that’s too small to compete with the likes of top-notch beach resorts, without the modern and up-scale amenities offered by the latter.

But then again, not everybody can afford going to top-notch beach resorts. Or for that matter, even if they could afford to go to a top-notch beach resort, not everybody would want to go one. It could be filled with so many strangers, or it’s too loud, or there are too many events scheduled which detracts from the sense of “getting away from it all.”


The charm of Marcosas Cottages is that it is the anti-commercialized beach resort. The operation is being actively run by the owners themselves, and in fact, if you drop by over at the bar for a nightcap, you will find Michael himself mixing your drinks and engaging you in conversation over a cool bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen. (My favorite question to ask him has always been, “How does Filipino beer compare to German lagers?” The answer: It’s so light and refreshing, it’s like drinking mineral water.)

Forget about the plastic smiles and forced friendliness of big resorts, the staff here is made up of local and winsome barrio lasses who give you genuine mirth and warmth behind their smiles. The food here is delicious and has all the comforts of home cooking, but with a twist. Since the owner is German, the resort features meals that a Deutsch hausfrau would be serving back in the motherland. Just last night, a decade of juvenile green jokes were shattered as I ordered a weiner schnitzel and discovered to my disillusion that the dish is actually just a plain old breaded porkchop. Oh well. Damn good porkchop though.

(And to my good friend Muerte from high school, let me just say that our friend who roleplays the Cavalier Aurelius Stark could not therefore suck your schnitzel no matter how many times you goad him, on account of the medical impossibility of the act. The breadcrumbs would stick to his teeth. Ich gut, ya? Ya?)

Owing to the fact that the resort is small, you can expect more attention and a more personalized service. But if you are expecting some kind of Disneyland or Boracay level of fun, this is not the place to go. The only attractions that the resort has are its swimming pool and massage sauna. Other than that, this is just somewhere to go if you want to get away from it all, without sacrificing personal amenities like cable TV (the rooms also have their own DVD players), good airconditioning (you can choose between the powerful airconditioner and/or the ceiling fan, or both), clean and beautiful-looking rooms (check out my pictures), hot and cold showers.

If you really feel like going on an adventure, the resort is only a 3-minute walk away from a diving shop (Blue Abyss), a 5-minute walk from a public beach. If fresh water and waterfalls are more of your thing, for a small fee, you could charter the resort’s van and have it transport you to the nearby Kawasan Falls for a cool dip.

Moalboal is more known as a diving spot though, as it is found near one of the reefs outlying Cebu. There are numerous diving shops nearby where you could charter boat trips or rent diving equipment. The one I mentioned, Blue Abyss, is run by a German national who has decided to settle down here in the Philippines.

Curiously, I am the only Filipino guest in Marcosas. All the other guests are German. I just learned last night that Michael is affiliated with a diving club in Germany whose members make periodic trips to the Philippines. That’s not a big deal for me since Germans are okay by my book. They keep to themselves and don’t put on any airs unlike some other tourists who think their culture and gene pool is God’s gift to the rest of the heathen and uncivilized world. And judging from the reception given by the staff of Marcosas, the Germans are good and friendly guests as well.

Although I wouldn’t outright say that the rates are cheap, I could honestly say that the price of both the lodging and the food is reasonable and worth its price in value-added service and attention to detail. Room rates range from P1,450 to P2,000 a night, with in-house provisions like tea, coffee, snacks and the like charged surprisingly at retail prices. Food prices ranges somewhere from around P100 to P300, depending on the item ordered, which is not bad, if you think about it.

Well, I guess if you’re up for the adventure, I’ll be seeing you at Marcosas Cottage every now and then. Till next time, guten tag!



1. tinuod nga botbot - September 30, 2007

(I hear the Pope is still mulling over my application for living sainthood)


great article.. nice pix, and if i’m gonna think about it, indeed the price is reasonable especially the food..

hayahaya’g trabaho aning atorniha oi.. hehehehehehe
maayong buntag!!!

2. northwolf - September 30, 2007

Maayong buntag Ramses. 🙂 Naa na koy bag-ong bisyo… maniniyot na ko. I took those pics myself kay kapoy na kog pangawat og pekchur sa ubang website. Hehehe.

3. tinuod nga botbot - October 1, 2007

hahahahahha… basin dili na lawfirm imong sudlan attorney ha.. basin ang buhatan na sa FHM, MAXIM, COSMOPOLITAN og iapil nalang sad nato ang PLAYBOY hahahahaha.. ang kuyaw lang kung HIM nga magazine kay nah, mga macho ra ba imong kuha-an og hulagway hahahahaha.. syodi abas yadz oi.. hehehehe

maayo jud ka attorney dah kay libre na ang advertising sa mga lugar nga imong puntahan. gi-disclose na gud nimo ang mga rates sa resort.. maayong buntag diay attorney.. naka-2 cups na ko diri sa coffee-vendo machine sa nestle wla man diay ko kapangagda nimo..

4. alan - October 3, 2007

…good to know another lawyer-blogger and a cebuano to boot. 🙂 Lingaw gyud sad ning mag-practice no? we should ex-link!

5. girlfromdipolog - October 3, 2007

wow! nice feature… perfect place to hide from your paparazzi? 🙂 is this resort near badian island spa?

6. northwolf - October 3, 2007

Hehe. Thanks. I don’t know if it’s near that spa. That sounds like it’s worth visiting though.

7. bisdakinnaconcretejungle - October 4, 2007

torney, visit sa official website sa san miguel.. october fest na gud karon.. naa kuno didtoy free download of beer.. 1 barrel… maglisod ko’g tuo kung tinuod ba jud ni.. hehehehehe

maayong hapon diha atty..

8. northwolf - October 4, 2007

Hehe.. salamat bai…. tig novena pud diay ka sa akong santo? hehe.

San Miguel, pray for us who have beer to thee.

9. Misha and Meriam Anissimov - October 15, 2007

Greetings Atty Perez,

My wife and I own a lot in Moalboal that has no title. (we have all the purchase documents, tax receipts, and the land is not contested in any way.) We’re residents of San Francisco at present, but want to build in the future. Can you refer me to a top notch attorney experienced in obtaining Title documents in situations such as ours?

Any advice is appreciated.

10. mameejhy - October 20, 2007

hi. how i wish i’ll pass the bar exams and, i also wish i’ll be able to travel as part of the job. sigh.

11. northwolf - October 20, 2007

🙂 The travel comes with a pay-off. You forego working on the stack of deadlines that gets bigger and bigger the longer you are away from the office.

Trust me, being a lawyer ain’t all that they say it is.

At any rate, good luck on the Bar 🙂 Hope to see you in the Roll of Attorneys.

12. Roy In Paradise Philippines - December 11, 2007

Marcosas? Looks nice, been to Moalboal 3 times I think I don’t remember Marcosas, I’ll check it out the next time, thanks for the info… great pics!

13. fleur-d-lin roma - March 13, 2008

hi.. i am interested with your resort..is this locatd at town? is the 1,4k ha an aircon? how many people can accomodate on this room? plss email me. the rates plss..

14. Persian Buenaflor - April 2, 2008

i think im interested if i have time i will visit the resortif u can please send some picture of the owner Mr. Michael Herzenstiel thank You very much

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