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Super Superstitions to Becoming a Liar September 18, 2007

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During the Bar Examinations (and in any other major exam, for that matter), superstitions run high among the examinees. I myself partook and observed those superstitions when I took the Bar. Let me enumerate some of them:

1) Don’t get into a romantic relationship during the Bar – for examinees of USC, we observed that guys (and girls, in particular!) who acquire girlfriends and boyfriends while reviewing for the Exam are likely to fail. The rationale is of course, that you will most likely spend time and emotional resources being in the throes of passion and love, and will not be reviewing properly.

2) Pregnancy – Surprisingly enough, we observed a trend among our USC barristers. Guys who get someone pregnant, and girls who get pregnant during the review will always pass the Bar. Always! There’s an eerie 99% ratio that backs this theory up, based on actual people I know. For instance, one of our classmates, a girl, was at the height of her pregnancy when she took the Bar. I don’t know how she managed to fit into the little armchairs of La Salle considering her belly was so big and round! A week after the last Sunday, she immediately gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. And yes, she became a lawyer, along with five other guy classmates who got girls pregnant during the review.

3) White Rabbit candies This is a personal superstition for me. People I give White Rabbit candies to during the Bar Review end up passing the Bar. This is a very tricky superstition. First of all, you have to give the White Rabbit candies out of your own volition, meaning that the reviewee must not ask it from you. Second, you have to give the original White Rabbit candies… the white chewy kind with the edible inner wrapper, and not the hard toffee candy being sold locally. Unfortunately however, this candy is among those recently banned for import by the Philippines because of allegations of formalin content. However, the barristers need all the formalin that they can consume since it helps preserve whatever stuck-up knowledge that’s there in their heads (formalin is a chemical used for preserving and embalming corpses). So, since I wasn’t able to buy White Rabbit for this batch, I improvised by buying them Haw Haw Flakes (the “Body of Christ” red flakes of my youth). Being from China, I surmised that it had equal doses of memory-preserving formalin. The barristers loved it!

4) Red articles of clothing – I’ve never seen so many people having more birthdays than on the First Sunday of the Bar. Everybody is wearing a red t-shirt! It’s a bigger red t-shirt day than Valentines, Christmas and New Year all combined. Red is supposedly a lucky color for the Chinese. To get in on the fun (and because I’m 1/8 Chinese), I wore my lucky red t-shirt to the First and Second Sunday of the Bar. To offset, since green is also a lucky color for the Irish (I don’t have Irish blood but green is my favorite color), I wore my lucky green t-shirt during the Third and Fourth Sundays. I still wore a red article of clothing though, but it’s something that you couldn’t see in public. *blink blink*

5) Coin in your sock – This is a Perez family tradition observed every time someone takes a licensure exam, whether for Law, Accounting or Medicine. We slip a coin inside our left sock, with the coin touching the sole of your foot. It’s supposed to reduce tension in the examinee. I suppose it works because everyone I’ve told it to has passed the exam they observed this tradition on. One even went so far as to frame the lucky coin. I just hope he washed it thoroughly with soap and water.

6) Manila Zoo – This is a fun tradition started by my best friend and his barkada. Supposedly, people who go to the Manila Zoo a week before taking the exam will pass the Bar. I suppose there is some truth to it because I brought my friends Ed and Carmelle to the Manila Zoo on the last Sunday of August, and all three of us are now lawyers. I guess the rationale behind that is that it’s always good to ask the blessings of all your family members before taking the Bar. By the way, your lolo says hi.

7) Blessed pens – In USC, we have the sign pens that we used during the Bar blessed by a priest the night before the exam. I gave mine away to people taking the Bar on 2006. The ones who got one of my pens all passed.

8) Lawyer Snoopy – McDonald’s once gave out limited editions of Snoopy toys in various professions. On the Christmas of 2005, I knew that I was going to pass when during one mystery bunot-bunot gift at the office, I got the gift that contained Lawyer Snoopy. It was an omen. After I passed, I gave Lawyer Snoopy away to my close friend Gremz after she took the Bar Exam of 2006. She also passed. If you get Lawyer Snoopy as a gift or present, I tell you, it’s a sign!

9) Pilgrimages – Oddly enough, I wasn’t into pilgrimages that much. Oh sure, I did go to Church and did ask people to pray for me. I observed my novena to the Sto. Nino and the Mother of Perpetual Help. I went to the shrines close to my home and my school and lit candles for my petition. But I didn’t go to out of the way pilgrimages. I never went to St. Jude’s Chapel, or to the Miraculous Lady of Binan, or to any of the other holy shrines. My reason was that the same God is in every altar and shrine that you go to. He will hear you clearly whether or not you pray before Him in the pews of the school chapel or at the Church in Quiapo.

10) Prayers – Ask someone to pray for you. Ask someone to give eggs to the Carmelites in Mabolo or to the Pink Sisters in Talamban. Ask your lola to pray the rosary in your behalf. Pray to all the saints in heaven for help. Remind St. Arnold Janssen and St. Joseph Freinademetz that you’re a product of SVD education since Kinder 2 and that you need their prayers. Locate former lawyers, judges, barristers and Bar topnotchers in your line of ancestors and ask them to stand by you during the exam and whisper the answer in your ear. (Fortunately for me, I do have a lawyer, a judge, a barrister, and a Bar topnotcher in my ancestry to run to). I don’t care whether or not you are an atheist, when the time comes, prayers do indeed help.

These are the traditions I observed for the Bar. Some of them, I did with a belief that they will indeed give me spiritual intercession and good luck, and some of them I did just for kicks and fun. But all of them I observed for the sense of tradition… that many barristers before me had gone through what I did, and that by observing their tradition, I was keeping their memory and honor alive.



1. tinuod nga botbot - September 19, 2007

aaahhh, mag-law nalang jud siguro ko.. magbawn lang ko’g usa ka-bukag nga white rabbit candies para siguradong pasar.. ang coconut candy ni nanay ako lang sang i-itsapwera..

maayo sad unta’g i-ampo ko sa mga sangga nako’g syomoy sauna.. hehehehehe

2. weng - September 28, 2007

atty. nalingaw ko ani imong post da. ako nya pabasahon ang kinagwapahan namong silingan nga Si Fiscal Virginia Palanca Santiago … heheheheh para nako siya ang numero uno nga nag-ampo para sa iyang mga estudyante nga mo take ug bar exam.

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