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Shining Happy People August 13, 2007

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(This is an actual t-shirt design of one of my favorite webcomic artists.

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Okay, I confess. I started blogging on WordPress without any clear idea of what I was getting into.

The more I get into blogging, it seems like the more entrenched I became with the blogging community. That never happened when I was still pounding away on Friendster blogs. Now on one hand, I find that very amusing. I for one never thought my views would ever see the light of day since I had no plans of advertising my blog with search engine optimization (except in one particular entry where I thought it would be amusing to see how many people I can redirect to my blog), but out of the blue, Manuel L. Quezon III cited three of my blog entries and I’ve been getting some attention ever since.

(As an aside, has anybody noticed that MLQ3’s blog is the most widely linked-to among Filipino bloggers? It’s like almost every blog written by a Filipino links up to this site. I think this is because MLQ3 shares the love by citing all our other obscure articles and blogs for his wide fanbase to discover. And then of course, there’s the decided prestige of being cited by THE Manuel L. Quezon III who is of course, a noted columnist and TV personality. MLQ3, if you’re reading this, it might amuse you to know that I bask off the light of YOUR magnificence by bragging to my friends that you’ve cited me THRICE! I’m shallow, yes I know. Forgive me. Hehehe)

On the other hand, attention can be a bad thing, especially when your views and opinions get clobbered online by people you’ve never met. It can be especially irritating when they get all judgmental on you as a person just because your opinions don’t match up with theirs. *sigh* It just goes to show that there’s no pleasing everybody. As much as I act all prideful and narcissistic, the truth is that I’m just putting on an act… something to entertain the people who find my delusions of grandeur entertaining. The truth is, I’m just pretending to be a Cebuano version of Denny Crane and Alan Shore. (Blatant fanboy plug: Boston Legal is airing this Wednesday on 10pm at StarWorld!!)

Fortunately for me, a lot of people get the self-deprecating humor that I try to inject my humor blog entries and this sets me apart from a lot of bloggers, the fact that I outrageously write deadpan entries that flip-flop between blatant narcissism and cheeky jabs at my own blatant narcissism. I mean, dude, come on… it takes a lot of balls to call myself the Magnificent Atty. Perez. Did you really think I would take myself seriously? I’m conscious of the fact that I’ll always be misinterpreted and that I’ll be held up to ridicule and mocked by my own supposed claim to fame.

And so be it.

As a lot of people can tell, I don’t particularly care so much for other people’s opinions of me, I never did. Even as a child, I’ve always been set-off and aloof from the rest of what others would consider as “cool” and “popular,” ever conscious of the fact that I’m not your average run of the mill kid. My classmates can attest that I’ve always marched to the tune of my own drummer, sometimes with a few violins short of an orchestra.

I’ve been fighting for my individuality with tooth, nail and claw. I’ve always walked the razor’s edge between orthodoxy and aberration… and it confuses people because they don’t understand where I’m coming from. For instance, my views have been against those who espouse rebellion against the Order, the Administration, the Man. I uphold the system because the system may not be perfect but it works. How can we build lasting change when everytime the system shows a flaw, we come tearing at the gates to replace it, rather than repair it? But see, people don’t get that. All they see is one man supporting a widely-accepted-as-unpopular President and using “practicality” of all things to defend his argument. Never mind if there is a semblance of sense in what I do say, cloaked between ribald humor and witty comebacks. People just don’t want to listen and understand. They want to see you bow down and recognize the common point of view, regardless if you find their reasoning absurd and illogical.

And yet, for one who rebels against the rebellion, my tools are very decidedly unorthodox and unconventional. As someone once said about me, “People are standing up and paying attention. You are making them see the other side of the coin, whether they want to or not.”

But see, the thing is that I’m not doing it to grab anyone’s attention. I’m not rebellious by nature, as evidenced by my preference to support “the Institution.” I’m not a rebel, I’m an individualist. I don’t do what I do or say what I say because I want to prove a point or to be contrary for the sake of being contrary. I do it because this is what I feel is the right thing that must be said or done, regardless of whether or not it’s the popular point of view. I switch between Right, Left and Center as I damn please, and no man has the right to say that I am not entitled to my opinion.

And this is where I say that I don’t want to be so firmly entrenched in the “blogosphere” (I still find that term unwieldy, even if I do blog) that I begin subscribing to the mass myopia I find some of my fellow bloggers indulging in. The minute we all lose sense of our own inner voice and what makes us different from each other is the minute that the purpose of blogging is defeated, and that purpose is self-expression, or as my classmate and fellow blogger Alfred keeps saying, “to whisper our thoughts to the universe.”

And that being said, I whisper my thoughts to the universe in the hopes that the universe will hear me and whisper back.

I’ve only wanted to say my piece, and for certain, I never expected that my words would reach so many ears.

Thank you so far for listening. I still don’t honestly know what I’m getting into by being myself in all my frailties, delusions and self-importance, without hiding my real identity behind the cloak of anonymity and pseudonyms. Sometimes you slapped me hard for saying something that you did not want to hear. But more often than not, you embraced me, laughed at my jokes, and pondered on my words.

And more often than not, I’m surprised that the world listens to the foolish ramblings of a deluded lawyer. There may be hope after all.


1. The Hubby Who... - August 13, 2007

This is finally holding the bull by the horn.
I think that this should be the last piece where you have to explain yourself. Your Magnificence needs no explanation. People can take you or leave you. And I see more who take you.

The Hubby Who Gives His Wife A Neck Massage

2. Dave - October 1, 2007


Keep it up bro. At the end of the day, I “judge” a blog by how much I am entertained by it…how much I learned from it… and how much I hate myself for not having the articulateness, humor, and brilliance like you have.


3. northwolf - October 1, 2007

Oh wow. That’s one of the best compliments I’ve ever received on this blog.

Thank you very much Dave. I appreciate the good words.

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