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Coming Soon! August 12, 2007

Posted by Janjan in All, I, Lawyer.

A lot of my friends, being the loyal people that they are, are convincing me to write a column in a newspaper. (And by loyal, that means they’re trying to kiss ass in the hopes that I will buy them pizza. Thanks you guys! Love you too!) A good friend Kai-kai even went so far to say “Jan, why hasn’t anybody offered you to write a column yet???”

Why indeed.

(Incidentally, I brought Kai-kai to Abuhan the following day and fed her fish and adobong kangkong. Love you too Kai.)

Well… honestly guys, I would love to be a newspaper columnist. I’ve been involved in campus journalism ever since I was in the 6th grade, but seriously, I doubt the nation is ready for my brand of writing. I get enough weirdos as it is on the Net, with extreme reactions to my writing — they either love or hate my opinions with a passion bounding on obsession.  (And why is loving my opinions a bad thing, you may ask.  Well… have you ever seen the movie “Swim Fan”?  No?  How about Stephen King’s “Misery”?  You should.)

So yeah, that’s why I haven’t been offered my own column yet. Maybe the nation’s editors-in-chief are figuring out where to place me. Assuming of course, that they have read my blog, which is unlikely.

However, I would like to formally announce that my legal attacks on logic have captured the attention of a local FM radio station and this has led to me and my bespren Raymond being offered a radio show to air in Cebu. Like my blogs, the radio show will feature legal advice with a humorous twist.

Coming soon to a radio near you!



1. bisdakinnaconcretejungle - August 13, 2007

wow, congrats atty… i-apil intawn ko sa imong mga pamukaw og mga panawagan didto… ramses redido a.k.a. propetang botboton nga maoy author sa tinuod nga botbot nga blog.. hehehehehe taasa oi…….. waaaaaaaaahehehehehe

sus, kung naa pa ko sa sugbo dili jud unta nako ni palabayon nga makapaminaw sa mga mabulukong mga tambag nga gi-adornohan sa mga pasiaw nga mga pulong hehehehehe

2. northwolf - August 13, 2007

thank you bossing!

we’re planning to have each and every episode available in downloadable form via podcast para makapamati ka kanamo. 🙂

3. tinuod nga botbot - August 13, 2007

owwsss how sweet naman yadz hehehehe.. mas maayo para malingaw sad ko bah.. lingaw man gani ko nga magbasa lang diri, kana pa kahang madunggan na jud nako ang imong bulawanong tingog hehehehehe

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