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This Blog Entry is brought to you by the Letter “B” July 12, 2007

Posted by Janjan in All, cebuano, I, Lawyer, Seriously now….

“B” as in Bery Bery Busy!

Even if I didn’t have any hearings this week, nevertheless, I’m surprised at how busy things have been. My corporate law practice came to fore as I was made to draft, review and revise on numerous contracts, agreements, memorandums and other corporate communiques. I also took this time out to focus on cases which I shall be filing or be made to work on in the coming days. God is glorified by the industry of our hands, so all praise to Him who has blessed you and I with a lot of interesting things to do.

It is for this reason that I apologize to my loyal readers who have been asking me for an update to this blog. Believe me, I have so many things planned in the next coming entries, it’s just that I lack the length of appreciable time it takes to draft an entry.

As much as I enjoy indulging in my absurd attacks on logic (which passes for what is questionably my bizarre sense of humor), I am planning however to go back to writing some serious articles. Fear not, I have another funny entry also in the works. I enjoy writing the funny entries but my original purpose for this blog was for it to contain discussions on law, economics and my take on politics.

In the works are a discussion on the national development of the Small to Medium Enterprise business organizations, as capped off by the opening of the SME Industrial Park in Naga, Cebu. Following that, I want to post my observations as a lawyer on the salient provisions of the highly controversial Human Securities Act of 2007.

Then after that, I will answer a letter written by Marife, the cousin of everybody’s beloved Maritess of the Superfriends.

“B” as in Blogging on a Newspaper of General Publication!

On other matters, one of my friends working for one of Cebu’s daily newspapers toyed around with the idea of me being a columnist in their lifestyle section. At first I was hesitant, because what I really want is to write the kind of articles I am writing in this blog, namely, articles connected to the practice of law. But I’m reconsidering the offer because there is something I would have fun writing about… vignettes, anecdotes and articles about living in Cebu. One of the things I want to write about are restaurant reviews ranging from class “A” to class “X” establishments.

(They’re called Class “X” establishments because “X” is the mathematical variable for the unknown, or, in other words, “What the hell am I eating???!!!)

But before I do that, I would like to first save up and buy myself a digital camera, something lightweight that I can carry around wherever I go. I’d like to take pictures to complement my articles. (How could anyone write about Cebu and NOT show pictures about the topic is something beyond my comprehension)

“B” as in Binugoy!

I’m someone blessed with a lot of good and pleasant friends and I make it a point to catch up periodically with the ones close to me and those who are worth having long discussions with. Will someone please give me a discount card or gift certificates for coffeeshops?? I’m practically keeping Bo’s Coffee, Brown Cup and Starbucks alive with my hard earned salary.

I just had a Thursday Group lunch earlier with Jan #1. We were originally planning to eat sizzling shawarma at a roadside snack bar but upon arriving at the place, we found out that it was closed. Apparently, they only open during nighttime. So, we just hot-footed it over to Binugoy’s, a nearby upscale carinderia (is there such an animal??), found in F. Cabahug St. It’s located at that junction between the road from Ayala leading to Paseo Mall, and that road from Mabolo leading to Lahug. Deceived by the carinderia ambiance, I started ordering a lot of viands… chicharon bulaklak, sabaw nga linat-ang baka, and baby shark stew (cooked in tuno and peppers)… thinking that the total bill would be at carinderia prices. I was surprised when the bill came to around P212.00. Ah well, considering that the food was actually quite good and the servings were huge, I guess the price was pretty fair, but had I known that my bill would reach that amount, I would not have ordered that much. The baby shark dish was pretty good though… I’m definitely coming back because I’m eyeing their spicy tuna bicol express.

Unfortunately, the bill wiped out all the cash in my wallet, and with nary an ATM machine in sight, that didn’t leave me with enough cash to check out Ethiopia Cafe 88, a really nice coffeeshop endorsed by thecapricornbeartakeshi. That will have to be the agenda for next Thursday’s meeting.

“B” as in Batch ’06 Basketball Team!

It’s IBP Cebu Basketball Tournament Season again! In behalf of my teammates in team Batch ’06, I would like to say GO GO GO BATCHOY!

Hopefully we won’t be defeated AGAIN by lawyers who are twice our age. Hehehe. It’s not fair… they lord it over in the courtroom. We should have some advantage in the basketball courts. I guess the referee’s are intimidated by players who can legally threaten them with direct contempt of court. Hahahaha!


1. fathertime - July 13, 2007

hahahaha, imo lang unta to’ng giingna ang tindera bai nga ipalista lang usa kay wala na kay kwarta. ang pait lang kung naay nakabutang nga sign “Walay utang ‘ron, ugma na!”. hehehe

Grab the opportunity bai. They said, opportunity knocks only once. Ayaw na paigot, birahe dayon.. maayo unta’g imong ma-feature ang mga kan-anan nga “PUNGKO-PUNGKO” nga galaray ang ngohiong og puso.

2. tinuod nga botbot - July 13, 2007

atty, gud luck diay! maayo pa ka dah, nagka igit-igit sa mga grasyang gipangbusdak gikan sa Kahitas-an. Manghinaot lang ko nga padayon kang magkapuliki og sagang sa mga higanteng grasya nga mangahagba gikan sa langit.

3. northwolf - July 13, 2007

salamat sa akong duha ka amigo sa inyong pag supporta sa akong blaggs! hinaot nga malampuson og nga puno sa katawa og pang-agik-ik ang inyong adlaw.

Brad Pader Taym, you want a ngohiong review?? Timinga nimo og request oy… coming right up!

4. tinuod nga botbot - July 13, 2007

ahh, hayahayang fathertime oi.. request granted in just a few minutes lang…… šŸ™‚

5. northwolf - July 13, 2007

copy and paste ra šŸ˜› naa na daan sa Multiply

6. fathertime - July 13, 2007

dili man sad gud nako ma-access ang multiply gud.. blocked diri sa Nestle.. šŸ˜¦

anyway, daghan kaayong salamat… šŸ™‚

7. Idetrorce - December 15, 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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