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Peeking inside my legal briefs… May 11, 2007

Posted by Janjan in All.

Ah yes, after a much ballyhooed departure from Friendster, the Magnificent is back in prime blogging form. I’m glad to be here. I’ve decided to give blogging a more serious treatment, after getting sick of Friendster’s wonky controls and idiotic formatting. See? It works! Doesn’t my new blog look much nicer? And the ads are at the side. That means no more irritating zwinky ads, or even worse, smiley ads that scream “Oh my God! No way!!!” for all the office to hear.

I’ve decided to change hosts, change looks, and more importantly, change content with my legal blogs. I don’t know, I was getting sick of hearing myself bitch all the time about how hard it was to adjust to my job as a lawyer. That’s called wallowing in self-pity, and that is something I am markedly against. As my former teacher in the CPA Review Center once said, “If you can’t get what you want, why don’t you want what you can get?” Or, as my good friend Matet clarifies further, “If life hands you lemons… add salt and tequila and then call me over.”

I’m going back to what I originally intended for my old blog, “Peek Inside My Legal Briefs” which is an insight and discussion on the practice of law (particularly mine), and of law as it is applied to everyday life. I’m also planning to put up my own professional business-related website down the line, with its own domain, a separate hosting, and hopefully designed by one of the best graphic artists in the business, Kenneth Ruelan. But that will come in due time. In the interrim, we will use this wonderful space on WordPress.

Don’t worry though, I don’t plan on losing the personal touch that I added to my old Friendster blog, namely the little jokes I threw here and there (most of them green), the occasional wisps of inane wisdom, and the more than occasional bouts of delusions of grandeur. This is still going to be a fun blog, sprinkled with delightful sarcasm, with the intent of insulting my readers’ intelligence. (Working hand in hand with my Friendster bulletin surveys and the Tagalog movie industry to collectively lower the IQ level of your average Filipino.)

So here we go again! A new blog, a new look, a new layer of magnificence. Bringing you piss and vitriol to soothe your heathen soul, here comes the Magnificent Atty. Perez.

The practice will never be the same again…


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